The Monday Night Wars Database will be the most comprehensive website dedicated to the TV ratings war between WWF and WCW. The Monday Night Wars began on September 4th 1995 when WCW debuted Nitro along side WWF Raw.

During the next 6 years both companies would go head-to-head each Monday night creating the biggest growth period ever in wrestling history. WWF and WCW would trade ratings wins with each other for the first few months as fans hadn’t decided which company was better just yet, however things changed with the formation of the nWo led by Hulk Hogan. This led to a 84 consecutive weeks of WCW winning the ratings war. In return the WWF changed up their imagine and the Attitude Era finally took off.

Of course, that is a very brief run down of the what the Monday Night Wars entailed. This website will compile reviews of each and every show during the Monday Night Wars. Its going to be a long journey, but at the same time its going to be fun!!

You can click here to view all of my reviews, if you just want to see which matches have been rated *** or higher, you can see that here!

If you are just wanting to see which match occurred when you can click on any of the below years to see complete match listings:

Click here to view polls on the website.


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