WWF Monday Night Raw 11/09/1995

WWF Monday Night RAW 11/09/1995

So here is the first episode of Monday Night Raw going head to head with Nitro. Last week Raw was preempted, so Nitro had the whole hour unopposed. The next two weeks worth of Raws are pre-taped from a couple of weeks prior.

Vince Mcmahon and Jerry Lawler open up the show and hype the Shawn/Sid and Bulldog/Razor matches.

Razor Ramon vs. British Bulldog

We get a coliseum home video exclusive, Dean Douglas and Razor Ramon talking in the back, Douglas went to cheap shot Razor, but Razor was too quick and knocked Douglas down.

Lock up to start, Razor grabs an arm wringer and connects with some shoulder blocks to Bulldogs arm. Davey reverses into his own arm wringer, Razor and Davey trade arm wringers, Davey grabs a headlock, and gets pushed into the ropes by Razor who connects with a big right hand that sends Davey down. Razor hits a big clothesline on Davey that sends him to the outside. Davey comes back in and Razor takes over with another arm wringer, and locks on a standing arm bar. Razor is able to take Davey down to his knees while holding onto the arm bar. Davey irish whips Razor hard into the turnbuckle twice, and hits a very nice delayed suplex. Razor hits some elbows to the lower back of Razor. Davey pushes Razor off the ropes twice and connects with forearms to the back, on the third attempt Razor connects with a stiff right hand. Razor whips Davey into the ropes and ducks down for a back drop too early as Davey connects with a knee and a clothesline for 2. Davey picks Razor up for a gorilla press slam and slams him down to the mat. as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Davey hits a bodyslam for a 2 count. Davey picks Razor up for the running powerslam but Razor holds onto the top rope and falls on top of Davey for a 2 count. Davey picks Razor up and hits another bodyslam. Davey climbs to the top rope, Razor catches him up top and slams him off the top. Razor hits a spinning punch that knocks Davey off his feet. Razor hits a fallaway slam for a 2 count. Razor with some punches and kicks to Davey. Irish whip is reversed and Davey crashes into the ref. Razor has Davey up for the Razors Edge and connects, but there is no ref. Dean Douglas runs out from the back and hits a fist drop on Razor who was covering Davey. 1-2-3 Kid runs out to help Razor out, Douglas drops Kid on the top rope with a suplex and knocks him off the apron with a punch. Douglas leaves the ringside area. Davey hits Razor with the powerslam and covers Razor, ref is still down. Kid comes off the top rope with a splash, Davey moves out of the way and Kid lands on Razor as the ref wakes up and DQs Razor.

Match Thoughts: The first half of the match was extremely boring, with both guys using rest holds. After the commercial the match picked up. The Douglas/Razor feud continues along too. Decent TV match, *1/4.

After the match Davey clotheslines Kid down, Davey picks up Kid and drops him throat first across the top rope. Jim Cornette jumps into the ring and stomps away on 1-2-3 Kid, while Davey punches away at Razor.

We return from commercial with Vince McMahon in the ring with 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon. Vince brings up the history of Dean Douglas against both Kid and Razor. And Jerry Lawler wont shut up, talking all over Vince. Kid brings up Razor costing him a match from a couple of weeks ago, Kid says forget about Dean Douglas, as Razor cost him the match 2 weeks ago. Kid wants respect from Razor and no-one takes him seriously after he first beat Razor. Kid challenges Razor to a match next week. Vince brings up that Razor has watched Kids back. Kid says that as much as Razor is a good friend to him, Kid will beat him next week. Razor brings up the great Ladder Match from Summerslam, Razor calls Douglas a bookworm, who wants to him to school, and Razor says he made 1-2-3 Kid famous, Razor says is Kid wants it, if the crowd wants it and if McMahon wants it, then you got it!

The Smoking Gunns vs. Brooklyn Brawler/Rad Radford

The Smoking Gunns are Billy and Bart Gunn.

Brawler and Radford attack The Gunns right off the bat. Billy gets sent to the outside, Brawler and Radford irish whip Bart who ducks under a double clothesline and Billy slingshots into the ring from the apron and hits a clothesline, followed up by a double dropkick by the Gunns. The Gunns take over on Brawler, Bart whips Brawler into the ropes and punches him in the gut, Billy follows up and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Billy grabs an arm wringer on Brawler and tags in Bart. Bart irish whips Brawler into the ropes, but its reversed, Radford kicks Bart in the back and Brawler clotheslines Bart down to the mat. Brawler stomps Bart in the midsection and tags in Radford. Radford with a neckbreaker on Bart and an elbow drop. Brawler gets tagged back in, irish whip leads to a double elbow. Brawler hits a bodyslam and heads to the top rope. Bart catches him up top and slams him off the top rope. Bart tags out to Billy who comes in with some quick punches to Brawler, Bailly mounts the turnbuckle and hits a couple of punches, before leaping onto Radford with a crossbody block. The Gunns irish whip Brawler into Radford, Bart holds Brawler in a side suplex and Bart comes off the top rope with a leg drop for the 1, 2, 3.

Match Thoughts: Very standard tag team match, The Gunns even managed to work in a hot tag during a squash. Nothing special *

We go to a promo from Goldust, he talks about the Undertaker. Goldust tells us that Gold sheds no darkness it only sheds light. The Dark Cloud that hangs over the WWF will soon be sent to the heavens.

Isaac Yankem DDS vs. Scott Taylor

Isaac Yankem is an evil dentist, not exactly a gimmick that would set the world on fire. Isaac Yankem would make an impact in the WWF as Kane.

Scott Taylor is Scotty 2 Hotty.

Lock up to start. Isaac overpowers Taylor straight into the corner and clubs away with forearms to the back. Isaac backs off, and then hits a chokeslam. Isaac chokes Taylor across the middle rope, and slams him down with a bodyslam. Isaac hits 2 big elbow drops. Isaac lifts Taylor up and drops him across the top rope, Isaac hits Taylor with a DDT for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: SQUASH. Taylor didn’t hit one offensive move for the entire match. N/A

In Your House Report with Todd Pettengill, who is so very annoying. He is hyping the upcoming In Your House PPV.

The current card is:
Diesel and Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart and Yokozuna (Every title belt is on the line)
Razor Ramon vs. Dean Douglas
Bret Hart vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. British Bulldog
Savio Vega vs. Waylon Mercy

Shawn Michaels vs. Sid, WWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Lock up to start, and Sid powers Shawn straight into the corner. Sid winds up for a big punch, but Shawn ducks under and connects with some quick punches. Shawns whip is reversed by Sid, Shawn jumps to the middle turnbuckle for a crossbody, Sid ducks down as he knows whats coming, but Shawn holds onto the ropes. Shawn attempts a sunset flip off the middle ropes but he cant bring Sid down. Sid goes for a fist drop, but Shawn quickly gets out of the way. Shawn with a dropkick, followed by a flying clothesline which takes Sid off his feet, Shawn with some quick punches that sends Sid to the outside. Sid comes back in and Shawn gets a headlock off a tie up, Sid sends Shawn off the ropes, Shawn tries a shoulderblock but Sid doesn’t move, Sid tries to throw Shawn over the top rope, but Shawn is able to skin the cat, and dropkicks Shawn over the top rope. Sid gets a headlock on Shawn, Shawn with some punches to the kidneys and pushes Sid off the ropes. Shawn tries to take Sid down but gets caught in mid air by Sid, who slams him down to the mat. Sid chokes away on Shawn in the corner. Sid whips Shawn to the opposite corner, who somehow ends up laying across the top rope. Sid kicks Shawn in the mid section and the clothesline Shawn off the apron onto the floor. Sid follows Shawn outside, Sid picks Shawn up in a gorilla press slam and drops him throat first against the ring apron. Sid distracts the ref which allows Ted Dibiase the opportunity to kick away at Shawn. Shawn gets back in the ring at a count of 9 as we head to commercial.

We come back from the break with Sid holding Shawn in a bear hug, Shawn fights out of the bear hug with some punches and an eye rake. Shawn off the ropes gets hit with a kick to the stomach from Sid, Sid takes Shawn down with a headlock!!!, which Shawn reverses into a head scissors, which Sid kips out of, HOLY SHIT!!!! Sid then hits a BIG one handed chokeslam on Sid. Sid sets Shawn up for the powerbomb, but Shawn is able to back body drop Sid. Sid goes for an axe handle and Shawn comes back with punches against Sid. Shawn comes off the ropes with a flying forearm and follows up with punches on the mat. Shawn climbs to top rope and hits a cross body block for 2. Sid comes back with a kick to the mid section to slow down Shawn, Shawn is able to come back with 3 superkicks for the win!

Match Thoughts: Very good main event. I love Sid, and Shawn bumps around well for the bigger guys. Sid doing the kip up was fantastic! ***

We head to Dox Hendrik who is with Diesel and Shawn, Dox wants to know about the main event at In Your House. Shawn is great with his expressions in this. HBK says he is trying to write all the wrongs in his life. Shawn says its time for HBK and Diesel to move onto bigger and better things and they will start at In Your House.

We get a hype video for next weeks Raw, Owen Hart/Yokozuna vs Men on a Mission (Oh god why, poor Owen) and Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Show Thoughts: Not a bad episode of Raw. The opener had some good moments but started out way to slow to be anything really good. The two middle matches were squashes. The main event is good, but not enough to really save the show. I bet Vince regrets taping the next couple of weeks of shows as the WWF were still running squash matches while Nitro has marquee match ups. Thumbs in the middle.


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