WCW Fall Brawl 1995

WCW Fall Brawl

We open the PPV with a video package highlighting tonights matches. The main focus on the video package is Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson, and the War Games Match. Decent opening video.

Tony Schiavone welcomes us to the PPV along side Bobby Hennan. They talk about Giant destroying Hogans motorcycle with a monster truck.

Flyin Brian vs. Johnny B Badd, winner gets a WCW US Title Shot.
Tie up to start, and Badd takes Pillman into the corner. Shoulderblock by Pillman takes Badd down, both guys go for a dropkick at the same time. Lock up, and Pillman grabs an arm wringer, Badd rolls through the arm wringer and kips out and out of the hold. Tie up and Badd now grabs an arm wringer on Pillman. Badd grabs a arm lock behind Pillmans back, Pillman takes Badd down with a snap mare and follows that up with a side headlock takeover. Pillman locks in the side headlock on Badd. Badd stands up and pushes Pillman off the ropes, both guys run the ropes and Pillman takes Badd down for a two count. Pillman locks in a arm bar on the mat. Why so many rest holds? Pillman with a snap mare on Badd, Pillman gets tripped up by Badd and rolls him up for a 1 count as Pillman is too close to the ropes. Badd grabs another arm wringer onto Pillman, Pillman pushes Badd off the ropes and takes him down with a drop toe hold, Pillman then gets a roll up for a 2 count. Pillman takes Badd down with a snap mare and locks in another headlock. Badd stands up and elbows out of the headlock, Pillman hits a headscissors out of the corner and gets a rollup for 2. Pillman goes straight back to the headlock. MY GOD!! Badd stands up, Pillman with a forearm across the back, Badd gets a arm drag on Pillman and now he takes over on Pillman and gets a seated headlock. Pillman tries to break free from the headlock by pushing Badd into the ropes, but Badd is able to get a headlock takeover. Pillman lifts Badd up and hits a back breaker for a 2 count. Pillman grabs Badds legs and locks on a boston crab. Pillman lets go of the hold, and punches Badd in the face. Chops by Pillman, Badd irish whips Pillman and catches him with a spinning back breaker for 2. Badd goes to work on Pillmans leg. Pillman tries to roll out of the leg lock, but Badd is able to reverse that into a arm stretch. Both guys stand up and Badd shoves Pillman down, Pillman with a back elbow in the corner and starts to punch away at Badd. Badd fights back against Pillman and punches away at Pillman in the corner, Pillman rolls to the outside for a breather. Pillman offers a handshake, but Badd refuses it. Pillman with some punches to the head and he throws Badd to the outside. Badd gets up the ring apron and Pillman bites away on his forehead. Pillman goes to slam Badds head into the turnbuckle but Badd blocks it and slams Pillmans head into the top turnbuckle. Badd hits a slingshot leg drop for a 2 count. Badd then slows down the pace again and locks on a side headlock. Pillman fights out of it with punches to the side, Badd runs the ropes and both guys go for a leap frog and crash in mid air. Both guys manage to stand up, and Pillman connects with a headbutt and both guys go back down to the mat. Pillman gets up at 8, and slams Badds head into the top turnbuckle followed by a kick to the midsection. Pillman stomps away at Badd who rolls to the outside. Badd back onto the apron, both guys try to suplex the other, Badd is able to suplex Pillman from the ring to the outside. Badd comes flying over the top rope with a cross body. Badd throws Pillman back into the ring, Badd goes for a cross body off the top rope but Pillman connects with a drop kick in mid air for a 2 count. IRish whip by Pillman, Badd catches Pillman with a sit out Powerbomb for 2. Pillman catches Badd in a tombstone piledriver for 2, with 3 minutes to go in the time limit. Pillman goes up to the top for a tornado DDT, but Badd throws Pillman off and gets a 2 count. Badd goes back to an arm bar, 2 minutes remaining. Badd goes for a bodyslam, but Pillman slips out and hits a Russian leg sweep into a head and arm lock. Pillman gets a seated abdominal stretch, with one minute left in the time limit. The ref checks if Badd is out, the arm only drops twice and Badd tries to fight out. Irish whip by Pillman, Badd catches him with a Bulldog and knocks him down with the Tootie Frutie for a 2 count broken up by the ropes. Pillman slingshots into the ring for a 2 count, Pillman tries for a backslide as the bell rings for the 20 minute time limit draw.

Nick Patrick speaks with Michael Buffer about the decision. Michael Buffer announces that the match will continue into sudden death.

The bell rings and Pillman charges straight at Badds legs, Pillman with a couple of shoulderblocks in the corner. Badd fights back against Pillman with some punches that send Pillman outside. Both guys slug away on the outside, Pillman takes control and sends Badd into the guardrail. Pillman sends Badd bak into the ring. Pillman heads up top and comes off with a drop kick which Badd also attempts too. Both guys are down, Pillman is the first one up at 8, Pillman with an irish whip and catches Badd with a sleeper hold. Badd fights back, and gets to the ropes. Pillman tries for an irish whip but Badd reverses it and gets his own sleeper on Pillman. Pillman is able to hit a Back drop to break the hold. Pillman lifts Badd onto the top rope and tries for a suplerplex. Badd holds onto the tights and pushes Pillman off the top rope. Badd comes off the top with a sunset flip for 2.99. Badd tries for a powerbomb but Pillman reverses with a headscissors takeover and gets a 2. Pillman tires for another cover and only gets 2. Irish whip by Badd, Pillman goes for a crucifix, but Badd drops back and gets a 2 count. Badd lifts Pillman onto the top rope, Badd follows up and hits a hurricarana for a 2 count. Badd again puts Pillman up top, Pillman reverses into a tornado DDT for another 2 count. Pillman heads to the top rope, and Badd falls into the ropes crotching Pillman up top. Badd goes to the apron and launches Pillman off the top rope onto the guard rail. Badd flips onto Pillman with a somersault plancha. Badd throws Pillman back into the ring, Badd goes for a slingshot body press, but Pillman gets his knees up, which leads to a 2 count. Pillman with a suplex to Badd across the top rope. Badd goes down to the floor and Pillman hits a flying forearm out to the floor. Pillman is first back into the ring, before Badd is able to get into the ring, Pillman goes for a dropkick from the middle rope to the apron, Badd ducks that and Pillman crotches himself. Badd sends Pillman across the ring with an irish whip, both guys duck each others clothesline, they both collide with a cross body, and Badd lands on Pillman for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: Wow, so that was an extremely long match, clocking in at 30 minutes. The first 10 minutes were nothing but rest holds, both guys picked up the pace in the last 10 minutes. The overtime period was very fast paced, with a lot of big moves. This match would have been a lot better without the first 10 minutes. As it is, it was a good match. **1/2

Tony and Bobby hype up the matches for the rest of the PPV, Hennan blames the Arn and Flair situation on Hogan.

We head to the back with Mean Gene who has Ric Flair with him. Flair talks about being together for 15 years, bonding together, fighting together, bleeding together, and crying together. Flair said they were best friends through it all. Flair says that in Horseman country they will be fighting each other. Mean Gene asks if Flair hates Arn, Flair says that he loves him.

Craig Pittman vs. The Cobra
Pittman absails down from the rafters as Cobra is arguing with the soldier on the apron. Pittman slides into the second and crawls under the ropes. Pittman chokes away on Cobra with a belt, and the bell rings. Pittman hits throat thrusts on Cobra, Pittman throws Cobra out the floor and jumps off the apron with a fist to the lower back. Pittman goes to whip Cobra into the ring post, but Cobra reverses it. Cobra heads up top for a splash but Pittman slams him to the mat. Pittman locks in the Code Red (Cross Armbreaker) for the tap out.

Match Thoughts: Way too short a match to really develop into anything. This shouldn’t have been on the PPV at all. 1/2*

We head back up to Tony and Bobby, who discuss Paul Orndorff and his recent bad luck. We head to footage of Paul in his dressing room after his loss to Macho Man. Gary Spivey of the Psychic Friends Network comes into his dressing room and talks about how the bad luck will pass. What was the point of that? Why was this on a PPV, that was terrible and pointless.

DDP vs. The Renegade, WCW TV Championship Match
DDP attacks Renegade at the bell, short whip into the corner leads to a russian leg sweep by DDP for 1. DDP headbutts Renegade, but DDP falls out of the ring, and ends up in the crowd. Renegade comes out after DDP and pulls him back into the ringside area. Renegade slams DDPs head onto the apron, and throws him into the ring. DDP shoves Renegade into the corner, Renegade the slams DDPs head into the top rope and locks on a headlock. DDP gets to the ropes, but Renegade just pulls DDP back. Renegade knocks DDP down with a clothesline for a 2 count. Irish whip by Renegade is reversed, Renegade goes for a cross body but DDP side steps and Renegade crashes into the top rope. DDP takes over and chokes Renegade on the top rope. DDP slingshots over the top rope and chokes Renegade. DDP picks Renegade up and hits a swinging neckbreaker. DDP chokes away on Renegade again, DDP throws Renegade to the outside. Renegade gets to the apron and DDP knocks him back outside. Renegade slingslots into a sunset flip, DDP sits down and holds onto the ropes for 2, Renegade reverses into a 2 count of his own. DDP clotheslines Renegade down for a 2 count. DDP whips Renegade into the corner and hits him with a shoulderblock, DDP whips Renegade into the corner again and charges for the shoulderblock, Renegade moves out of the way and DDP hits the ring post. Irish whip, DDP ducks down for a back drop but Renegade kicks him in the chest and follows up with 2 clotheslines and a handspring back elbow in the corner. Renegade heads up top and comes off with an axe handle for 2. DDP with a chin breaker, Irish whip by Renegade who tries for a hip toss, but DDP reverses into a DDT. Both guys are down on the mat, DDP is up at 7, and covers Renegade for a 2 count. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Renegade slips out of it and DDP crashes into the turnbuckle, Renegade with a backslide for 2. Maxx Muscle gets onto the apron, and DDPs irish whip is reversed and he crashes into Maxx, Renegade catches him with a powerslam, Renegade heads up top and dives onto Maxx Muscle on the outside. Renegade tries to get back into the ring, Maxx holds onto his leg and DDP hits the Diamond Cutter for the 3 count and to win the WCW TV Title.

Match Thoughts: This match was only watchable thanks to DDP, he carried the entire match and bumped around for Renegade. Renegades offense only consisted of kicks and punches and a powerslam. Good to see DDP win the title. *1/2

Back to the commentary position with Tony and Bobby, who bring up the fact this was the longest match Renegade has ever been in.

Harlem Heat vs. Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater, WCW Tag Team Championship Match
Dick Slater and Booker T to start, lock up and both guys end up in the corner. Slater goes to whip Booker, but he reverses it sending Slater into the corner followed by a clothesline. Slater takes Booker down with a drop toe hold and grabs a headlock. Booker reverses into an arm wringer and tags out to Ray, Ray with some big shots and gets a bodyslam on Slater for 2. Ray chokes Slater in the corner, and grabs a side headlock. Ray tags out to Booker who kicks Slater in the stomach and grabs a headlock. Slater is able to tag out to Buck, Buck takes over with some elbows to the head followed up by an arm wringer. Booker tries to overpower Buck, but Buck comes back with kicks and grabs a front facelock. Booker is able to tag out to Ray. Ray irish whips Buck and clotheslines him down, Ray starts punching away at Buck and grabs a headlock. Ray tags out to Booker and irish whips Buck, Booker comes in and hits a jumping side kick for 2. Booker gets another headlock on Buck wearing him down, Buck slowly gets to his feet and elbows out of the headlock, Buck with a shoulderblock, Booker with a high leap frog followed by a hip toss and knee drop for a 2 count. Booker tags out to Ray, and Buck is able to roll over to Slater and tag him in. Slater comes in and tangles with Ray, Ray tries for the 10 punches in the corner but Slater fights out of it. Slater takes Ray down with a neckbreaker for 2, Ray gets up straight away and trips up Slater and uses Slaters bandana to choke him. Ray tags out to Booker, irish whip by Slater allows Buck to knee Booker in the back. Slater throws Booker outside onto the steel ring steps and Buck clothesline him down. Booker gets back into the ring and Buck and Slater work over Booker with kicks. Buck slams Bookers head into Slaters boot and tags Slater in. Slater with kicks in the corner on Booker. Buck chokes away on Booker as Ray tries to get into the ring. Slater with a russian leg sweep for 2. Slater gets a piledriver on Booker who ends up in the ropes, Slater pulls Booker away from the ropes for 2. Slater tags out to Buck, who throws Booker out over the top rope. Slater slams Booker into the guardrail and sends him back into the ring. Buck whips Booker into the ropes and hits a big boot, Buck locks on the chinlock in the middle of the ring. Buck is sitting on Bookers back, Booker powers up and slams Buck into the corner and punches away at him, Booker whips Buck to the corner and misses a charge in the corner and crashes and burns. Buck tags out to Slater who comes in and goads Ray into the ring. Slater picks Booker up for a back drop for 2. Booker with a big punch to the mid section that sends Booker down. Slater with a knee drop and tries to pin Booker but he is able to kick out at 2 each time. Slater tags out to Buck, irish whip leads to a double kick to the midsection, Buck continues to work over Booker with a rake to the eyes and a kick to the head. Buck off the ropes with a stomp to the head, and goes back to the chinlock. Booker gets to his feet and tries to fight out of the chinlock, Booker runs off the ropes and gets caught in a bodyslam by Buck. Slater gets tagged in and hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2 on Booker. Slater tries to apply a boston crab, he finally gets it on. Ray comes into the ring and hits a scissor kick to break the hold. Buck comes in without a tag and gets a single leg hold on Booker. Irish whip by Buck who ducks for a back body drop, Booker is able to hit a Scissors kick, and gets the HOT TAG to Ray who comes in a cleans house. Slam to Slater, slam to Buck, he clotheslines Slater over the top rope and powerslams Buck for a two count. Booker is pounding away on Slater in the corner, Buck throws Ray outside. Buck and Slater take over on Booker once again, Ray comes back in slams Slater into the turnbuckle. The cameras now move to the second ring where Sherri and Col. Rob Paker are slowly making there way to each other, The Nasty Boys run into the ring and Parker and Sherri kiss. The Nasty Boys knock Slater out with his boot and he gets pinned. Harlem Heat pick up the win and the WCW Tag Team Titles.

Match Thoughts: Great tag team wrestling, i would have preferred if the Col. Parker and Sherri stuff could have occurred after the match as it took away from the finish of the match. Aside from that there was nothing wrong with this and just a great old school tag team match. ***1/2

Mean Gene gets an interview with Buck and Col. Parker, Buck isn’t happy with Parker as he wasn’t there for them when they needed him. Parker says he will get them another match at the Tag Titles. Parker says he is torn between Buck and Slater not having the titles but his heart was soaring tonight over Sherri.

Back to Tony and Bobby who hype Halloween Havoc which will take place in Detroit on Sunday, October 29th. Bobby wonders what kind of Halloween the Taskmaster and Dungeon of Doom have.

They hype the War Games match and talk about how important the coin toss is for the match.

Mean Gene is in the back with Arn Anderson about his match with Ric Flair, they air a video package detailing their storied history. Anderson says whether you love him or hate him, respect him or not respect him he has always called a spade a spade. He brings up that everyone has always had one family member they didn’t get along with. Arn says he loves Flair more than god himself, he says its something that has to happen as he has to look at himself in the mirror in the morning. Arn says he is going to give Flair everything he has tonight.

We head back to Tony and Bobby who talk about the 80’s and how Arn and Flair were always on the same page and competing together.

Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson
Arn and Flair stand face to face before the match. Lock up to start, Flair grabs a headlock, and Arn is able to push him off the ropes into a shoulderblock, Arn then takes Flair down with a drop toe hold and a quick head lock. Both guys get in each others face. Tie up, headlock by Arn, this time Flair sends Arn off the ropes but Arn knocks Flair down with a shoulderblock, Arn then slaps Flair down, Flair looks shocked and rolls to the outside for a breather. Flair comes back into the ring, and both guys circle each other. Flair with an arm wringer, but Arn is able to overpower Flair and bring him to the mat. Arn stomps away at Flairs arm, Arn slaps Flair in the face again. Both guys are very timid in locking up, Flair grabs a headlock and gets a standing switch into a hammerlock, Arn reverses into his own hammerlock. Flair counters into a leg trip but Arn counters that into a hammerlock on the mat. Arn continues to work on the arm. Arn goes back to the hammerlock to Flair on the mat. Both guys up now, and Arn continues to apply an arm wringer on Flair. Flair is able to take control over Arn and take him down to the mat. Arn grabs Flairs arm from the mat and is able to get Flair down to the mat for a 2 count. Arn is pulling on Flairs arm while he has his boot in Flairs face. Flair rolls through the arm lock and counters into a side headlock. Flair chops Arn down to the mat. Flair begins to go to work on Arns leg, he picks Arn up and chops him down once more. Flair whips Arn into the corner and charges but Arn hits a back elbow. Arn goes up top, Flair catches him but Arn gets a eye rake, and climbs off the top rope to lock in a sleeper, Flair backs Arn into the corner, who goes up to middle rope and comes off with a knee to the back. Arn picks Flair up for a hammerlock suplex, Arn applies another hammerlock on the mat. Arn rolls Flair into a hammerlock pinning position for two near falls. Flair is up and Arn holds onto the arm, Flair with two chops but Arn just pulls the arm to send Flair back to the mat. Arn grabs Flairs arm and wraps it around the ring post. Arn hits an armDDT, and gets an arm bar on the mat. Great psychology by Arn working over the arm with different holds and moves. Flair is able to stand up and force Arn into the corner, Flair chops his way out of the armbar. Arn with some punches to Flair in the corner, Irish whip leads to Flairs corner bump, Arn comes for the clothesline to Flair on the apron, but Flair ducks and Arn goes flying over the top rope. Flair climbs to the top rope and gets a double axe handle onto the outside! Flair has now taken control of the match and chops Arn on the outside followed by a stiff punch to the jaw. Flair back inside, Arn gets the apron and Flair hits a rope assisted stunner. Flair stomps away on Arn who is under the ropes. Flair grabs Arns arm and chops Arn straight down to the mat, Flair lowers his knee pad and hits a knee drop. Flair has his feet on the ropes and gets three 2 counts. Arn fights back against Flair with punches in the corner, Arn with a hard irish whip into the corner, and Arn gets a back body drop for 2. Flair with a cheap shot to the lower midsection. Flair kicks Arn in the stomach, he then picks Arn up and throws him to the outside. BIG chop by Flair sends Arn down, Flair goes for another chop by Arn blocks it. Flair charges at Arn who back body drops Flair on the floor. Arn mounts Flair and punches away at him, Arn tries to suplex Flair, but Flair is able to block it and hits his own suplex. Flair allows Arn to stand up and then knocks him straight back down with a big right hand, Flair lifts Arn up for a delayed vertical suplex and both guys are down. Flair is able to roll over and get a 2 count on Arn. Flair whips Arn into the corner, Arn stumbles out and gets chopped down by Flair for a 2 count. Arn goes for a sunset flip but isn’t able to bring Flair down, Flair tries for a fist drop but Arn moves out of the way. Arn slams Flairs head into the top turnbuckle, and whips Flair into the corner, Flair does his flip again but gets caught in the tree of woe. Arn starts to choke away on Flair. Arn signals for the DDT but Flair is too close to the ropes and holds onto the top rope. Flair heads up top, but Arn catches him and slams him to the mat. Arn with a knee drop across the throat for 2. Arn to the middle rope, he goes for an axe handle but Flair punches him down. Flair goes to lock on the figure four, Arn is holding Flairs leg so it isn’t completely locked in, but Flair is able to lock it in. Flair starts punching away at Arns knee while he has the figure four on, great stuff. Arn tries to turn the figure four over and he is able to. Flair releases the hold. Flair chop blocks Arns leg out from under him, Flair goes for the figure four again but NO ARN REVERSES INTO A SMALL CRADLE FOR 2!! Flair picks Arn up and send him into the corner, he kicks the bad leg, chops him and unloads some big punches. Flair tries to whip Arn across the ring but Arn just collapses. Brian Pillman gets onto the apron, and cheap shots Flair, Flair fires back with a right hand of his own. Pillman hits a kick to the back of Flairs head, Flair turns around into the DDT from Arn for the 3 count, Arn wins!

Match Thoughts: Phenomenal match. The psychology throughout this match from both Arn and Flair was fantastic. Arn worked over the arm the whole match, and Flair counted that with his trademark leg work. The match started off very slowly between two friends, but quickly turned into a fight. Slightly weak finish, as it would have been good to see Arn get a clean pinfall over Flair. None the less this match was fantastic. ****1/2.

Tony and Bobby let us know War Games is up next.

We head to a promo from The Taskmaster, he tells Hogan he is entering the most dangerous match of his career. This is a very very strange promo. Taskmaster attacks a Hogan doll with a shovel!

Back to Tony and Bobby who summarise the events leading up to the main event. They show footage from earlier today of The Giant running over Hogans Harley Davidson in a monster truck

We are shown a video package hyping the upcoming War Games match.

To the back with Mean Gene and Team Hogan, all four have matching attire and war paint.

Dungeon of Doom vs. Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, and Lex Luger (War Games Match)
If Team Hogan wins, then Hulk Hogan get 5 minutes alone with The Taskmaster in the cage tonight. The Dungeon of Doom has to be the biggest bunch of useless wrestlers ever. Zodiac is hopeless, Shark is hopeless, Kamala is hopeless, at least Meng is decent.

Sting versus Shark for the 5 minutes, good lord. Poor Sting. Shark hammers away on Sting with clubbing blows. Shark gets Sting into the corner and punches some more, he hits a snap mare on Sting and then stands on him. Shark pushes Sting to the corner again and bites Stings arm, Shark goes for a splash in the corner but Sting moves. Sting takes over with punches, Shark goes to the second ring to take a breather but Sting jumps from one ring to the other with a clothesline! Sting picks Shark up for a bodyslam, Sting tries again but Shark falls down on top of Sting. Shark goes to the bear hug, to try and wear down Sting. Sting starts to fight back against Shark and breaks the bear hug, Shark punches Sting into the other ring. Shark tries to jump from one ring to the other but gets caught between both rings on the top rope. Sting takes advantage and hammers away on Shark. Stings try to hit a cross body on Shark but Shark is able to catch him and slam him to the mat. Sting takes control after crouching Shark on the top rope. Sting irish whips Shark to the corner and hits a leg trip on Sting. Sting locks on the Scorpion deathlock as we are 10 seconds away from another entrant.

Zodiac is the next man in, Sting goes to the second ring to get some distance and hits three cage assisted kicks. Sting with a bodyslam on Zodiac, Sting goes for the deathlock again but Shark catches him. Shark and Zodiac take turns in stomping and punching away at Sting. Double irish whip leads to a double clothesline on Sting. Another double irish whip, this time Sting ducks under and hits a shoulderblock on both guys, Zodiac goes down but Shark doesn’t budge. Shark throws Sting into the cage as the time limit expires.

Macho Man is the fourth man into the match, and he charges straight into the ring and hammers away at Shark. He tries to suplex Shark who holds onto the top rope. Savage takes Zodiac down and goes for a boston crab, Shark hammers away on savage as Meng and Kamala hold Stings arm through the cage. Zodiac chokes away on Savage, and Sting is back up. He kicks away at Shark and then rakes the eyes of Zodiac. Shark is able to punch Sting down, as Savage fights off Zodiac. Shark with a slam to Sting. Zodiac is choking Sting. Shark throws Savage into the cage

Kamala is the 5th man into the cage, Kamala goes straight to Sting, as Savage takes over on Zodiac. Shark comes from behind and hits an atomic drop. Not much action going on right now, its basically Dungeon of Doom just punching and kicking away at Sting and Savage. Sting and Kamala head into the other ring, while Savage is left alone with Shark and Zodiac. Sting fights back against Kamala and knocks him down Shark comes into the other ring and knocks Sting down

The sixth man into the match is Lex Luger, he clotheslines Zodiac down and goes straight after Kamala and Shark, he gets irish whipped but comes back with a double clothesline. Luger goes back to the first ring and helps Savage throw Zodiac into the cage. Savage off the middle rope with an axe handle to Shark. All six guys are now in the same ring, just punching and kicking away at each other. Zodiac chokes Luger out, but Luger fights back and hits a body slam. Luger goes to clothesline Zodiac who ducks out of the way and Luger clothesline Savage by mistake. Luger and Savage go at it as Sting tries to separate them.

Meng is now the 7th man in the match, and starts punching and kicking every. Zodiac rips off Lugers shirt. Savage gets thrown into the second ring and Shark follows him in there, Kamala is choking Luger with the ripped shirt. Zodiac and Meng are working over Sting. Meng decides to come over and choke out Luger in the corner. Zodiac holds Sting while Kamala hammers away at him. Meng whips Lugers and connects with a superkick. Shark throws Savage into the cage.

The final man in the match is Hulk Hogan and the match beyond has officially begun. Hogan enters and throws powder into the eyes of Meng, and then powder into the eyes of Kamala, he also throws powder into the eyes of Zodiac. He now goes to work on Shark, and then starts to hammer away on Kamala and Zodiac. Sting throws more powder into the eyes of Kamala. Hogan takes Zodiac and starts slamming his head into the top rope. Savage throws Meng into the cage. Savage starts to choke out Shark with the ripped shirt. Hogan throws Zodiac into the cage, and kicks away at Kamala. Back rake by Hogan on Kamala, Hogan and Luger throw Kamala into the ring as Savage goes to work on Shark. Hogan and Luger now throw Zodiac into the cage. Hogan and Luger move to the first cage, and work over Shark. Hogan grabs Zodiac and throws him into the cage, he locks in a camel clutch and Zodiac submits.

Hulk Hogan now gets 5 minutes alone in the cage with The Taskmaster. Taskmaster tries to run to the back but security sends him back to ringside. Sting grabs Taskmaster and throws him into the cage where Hogan is waiting. Hogan chokes away at Savage with the ripped shirt and he throws him into the cage 7 times, Taskmaster then gets out of the cage. Hogan continues to fight with Taskmaster at ringside, Hogan throws him back into the ring. Hogan punches away and Taskmaster. Hogan hits a clothesline on Taskmaster and he takes the tape of his wrists. He chokes away at Taskmaster and then hits his big boot. The Giant makes his way out, and gets into the cage, he springs over both top ropes and locks in a neck vice. Hogan powers out and his punches are not affecting Giant at all. Giant grabs Hogan by the throat and chokes him out. Giant then grabs Hogans neck and twists it, which leaves Hogan laying.

Match Thoughts: Terrible, terrible War Games. There was no hatred or blood at all in the match. The majority of the match was just punching and kicking, the result of the match was never in doubt when you looked at the teams. 3/4*

Show Thoughts: The Tag Title match was great, while Flair/Arn was an easy MOTYC. The opener was decent but very long and plodding. Decent PPV, but not worth going out of your way to see. Thumbs down. But i recommend you watch Arn Anderson and Ric Flair.


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