WCW Monday Nitro 11/09/1995

WCW Monday Nitro 11/09/1995

Eric Bischoff welcomes us to Miami, Florida. Bischoff calls the Lex Luger/Hulk Hogan match later tonight the ‘Match of the Century’. Mongo, Bischoff and Hennan talk about the return of Luger and we go to clips from last week.

Eric Bischoff lets us know the Vader is gone from WCW, and will not be competing in this weekends War Games match at Fall Brawl, so Hogans team is down 3-4.

Sabu vs. Alex Wright
Lock up to start, Wright with an arm drag and Sabu dives at Wrights legs to take him down. Sabu leaps off the middle rope with a leg clothesline. Sabu takes Alex Wright over the top rope with a headscissors. Wright tries to get back into the ring but Sabu hits a sliding dropkick under the bottom rope to knock Wright back to the floor, Sabu follows up with a summersault plancha, which Bischoff calls a moonsault. Sabu grabs a chair and sends Wright into the guard rail, Sabu comes running and leaps off the chair but Wright ducks out of the way and Sabu crashes hard into the guardrail. Wright fights back with some european uppercuts, and a standing dropkick. Wright picks Sabu up and bodyslams him on the floor outside, Wright tosses Sabu back inside and hits a HIGH drop-kick off the top rope. Wright now hits a sliding dropkick on Sabu and flies over the top rope with a cross body. Wright tries to climb back into the ring, but Sabu hits him from behind and pushes him into the ring. Sabu climbs up to, but Wright catches him up top and hits a nice superplex. Sabu comes off the middle rope with another leg lariat, Wright springs off the middle rope with a backflip and hits a German suplex for a two count. Wright heads back up top, but gets caught by Sabu. Sabu hits a rolling pin off the top rope for the 3 count.

After the match Sabu keeps on attacking Alex Wright and grabs a table from near the entrance ramp. Sabu puts Wright onto the table and comes off with a front flip through the table. Referee Nick Patrick then reverses the decision after the match and DQ’s Sabu. I don’t even know how thats possible.

Match Thoughts: This match is the complete opposite to the opening match on Raw. It was all action from the opening bell which is the best thing to do for a TV match. i knocked off a 1/4* for the stupid reverse decision. *3/4

We come back from commercial with Mean Gene in the ring and he introduces Ric Flair. Gene says that Flair was stylin’ and profilin’ last night in South Beach. Gene lets us know that its Flair and Anderson at Fall Brawl. Flair says that his best friend Arn was conspicuous by his absence. Flair says that used to rule the world, Flair says the Four Horseman was the symbol of excellence. Flair gets interrupted by Lex Luger. Flair blames Hogan for Luger returning to WCW. Flair says that Luger will be winning the title tonight, Lex says some things never change and says that Flair is too much. Wow what was the point of Luger even coming out there.

Eric Bischoff hypes Fall Brawl this Sunday LIVE on PPV.

Sting vs. VK Wallstreet, WCW US Championship Match
Tie up to start and VK takes Sting over Firemans carry. Another lock up, VK overpowers Sting into the corner but Sting quickly spins VK to the corner. Sting with some punches in the corner leads to a Sting irish whip and then hip toss. Two big drop-kicks by Sting catches VK off guard who backs to the corner, Sting irish whips VK hard into the opposite corner which sends him to the outside. Lock up leads to a side headlock by Sting, VK pushes Sting off the ropes, ducks down and throws Sting outside over the top rope. VK follows Sting outside and slams his head into the ring apron. Sting gets onto the apron and VK hits a clubbing blow to Stings chest. Sting slingshots into the ring and barely hits VK with a clothesline. Irish whip by VK allows him to knock Sting off his feet. VK goes for a slam, but Sting rolls through into a 2 count. Sting takes VK into the corner and slams his head into the turnbuckle 7 times. Sting clotheslines VK down and then hits a knee lift into VKs back that sends him into the corner. Sting charges to the corner and hits the Stinger Splash. Sting climbs up top and comes off with a cross body for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: A pretty nothing match. Sting hits his signature moves and gets the win. *

Randy Savage vs. Scott Norton
Norton attacks Savage as soon as he gets in the ring, Norton hits a short arm clothesline and Savage still has his jacket on. Norton whips Savage and ducks down, Savage flips over for a sunset flip but Norton lifts Savage up by the neck and slams him down. Savage ducks a clothesline and follows up with a hip toss on Norton. Savage hits two clotheslines on Norton to knock him over the top rope to the outside. Savage climbs up top and hits an axe handle to the outside. Savage rolls Norton into the ring and takes him down with a big clothesline. Savage heads up top again, he tries for a cross body but Norton catches Savage in a bear hug, he drops Savage down to the mat. Norton takes control over Savage with some forearm shots to the lower back. Norton picks Savage up and dumps him with a big powerbomb for a 2 count. Norton picks Savage up an hits two backbreakers followed by a gorilla press slam. Nice! Norton whips Savage to the ropes and hits a powerslam for a 2 count. Another irish whip by Norton, Savage ducks under a clothesline but gets taken down by a shoulderblock. Norton hits a stalling DDT on Savage, Norton climbs to the top rope, and jumps off for a flash but Savage catches him in a bulldog. Savage hits a knee to the back of Norton and takes over on him in the corner with punches. Kamala and Shark run out from the back and get in the ring, Norton and Savage fight them off but Shark gets knocked over and falls across Nortons legs, Savage takes advantage and hits the elbow drop off the top rope for the 3 count.

The rest of the Dungeon of Doom run into the ring, Savage walks to the back. Shark and Norton get into a shoving match, which gets separated by Kevin Sullivan.

Match Thoughts: Stupid finish aside, that was a great match, fast paced and hard hitting. Norton is a big man but moves very well. **1/2

Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan
Lock up to start, and both guys end up in the corner. Luger slaps Hogan on the chest as he breaks. Another tie up, and this time Hogan takes Luger to the corner, Luger threatens to hit Hogan. A third tie up, and Hogan does some amateur wrestling and takes Luger down. Hogan takes Lugers over with a suplex and Luger stands up straight away. Luger with a side headlock, Hogan pushes Luger off the ropes, Luger catches Hogan in a headlock and then hits a suplex. This time Hogan stands straight up. Luger with a kick to the mid section and then grabs a side headlock.Hogan backs Luger against the ropes and pushes him off, Luger bails to the outside. Hogan chases him back into the ring and hits a big back drop on Luger. Hogan hits a big clothesline on Luger in the corner, Hogan goes for a second but Luger side steps and catches Hogan with a powerslam. Luger lifts Hogan up into the Torture Rack, Hogans hand falls twice, and Luger lets Hogan go before the arm can drop for a third time. Luger covers and Hogan kicks out at 2 and starts to Hulk up. Irish Whip big boot, followed by a leg drop. Hogan goes for the cover but the Dungeon of Doom run put and the match is thrown out.

Out comes Macho Man and Sting who fight back against the Dungeon of Doom and clear the ring.

Match Thoughts: Two weeks in a row that Hogan has main evented Nitro, both times the match has only consisted of headlocks, punches and kicks. Boring match 1/2*

We come back from commercial and Mean Gene is in the ring with Hogan, Sting, Savage and Luger. Gene brings up that Team Hogan is down a member as Vader is no longer in WCW, Hogan says its bad enough that for War Games that they are down one member, and Hogan wants to know why the Dungeon of Doom didn’t attack Luger. Savage wants to know why too. Sting stands up for Luger and says he isn’t apart of the Dungeon of Doom. Sting says that they should add Luger to the team at War Games. Savage is against that idea and would rather go against the Dungeon of Doom down one member then get attacked from behind. Savage wants to know why the Dungeon of Doom didn’t lay a hand on Sting or Jimmy Hart. Hulk then questions Sting if he is really asking for Luger to joint the team, Sting says yes. Savage says the bottom line is he is voting NO. Hogan says he is torn and invites Luger to be the 4th member of Team Hogan in War Games. Luger accepts but with one condition that he gets his title shot.

We head up to the broadcast booth and Mongo has a Chihuahua dressed up with a sombrero

Next week on WCW Nitro, Paul Orndorff vs. Johnny B. Badd, plus The Blue Bloods vs The Nitro Boys/American Males.

Show Thoughts: An ok show this week for Nitro, the opener and Norton/Savage were both very good matches. The main event was a very slow and plodding match. The main event interview was decent and helped finalize the War Games match at Fall Brawl. Thumbs in the middle.


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