WWF Monday Night Raw 18/09/1995

WWF Monday Night Raw 18/09/1995

We open with clips from May 17th 1993 when 1-2-3 Kid upset Razor Ramon

1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon
Kid jumps Razor as he is getting in the ring, Kid with a series of quick kicks in the corner followed by a spin kick that sends Razor to the floor. Razor back in, Kid off the ropes ducks a Razor clothesline and attempts a cross body but Razor catches him. Razor puts Kid on the top rope and kicks his stomach, Razor goes up top and hits a fallaway slam off the middle rope for 2. Razor pushes Kid into the corner and unleashes with chops. Razor with a big time hiptoss out of the corner followed by some kicks to a downed Kid. Razor with a spinning right hand that sends Kid to the outside. Kid slowly gets back into the ring, Razor with some shoulderblocks to Kids shoulder, irish whip by Razor is reversed but Razor is able to chokeslam Kid for 2. Razor runs at Kid who is able to side step and send Razor over the top and to the outside. Kid hits Razor with a slingshot dropkick and he throws Razor back inside. Kid whips Razor and hits a spinning back kick for 2. Kid whips Razor again and jumps onto his back with a sleeper hold as we head to commercial.

Back from break and Kid still has the sleeper hold locked on Razor, Razor starts to fight out of the sleeper and hits a back body drop on Kid. Razor slowly covers Kid for a 2 count. Razor hits some punches followed by his spinning right hand, Razor whips Kid to the corner and follows him in with a clothesline. Razor gets sent off the ropes and Razor and Kid clash heads in the middle of the ring and Kid hits the ref as well. Dean Douglas runs out from the back and heads up top and hits a nie splash off the top rope onto the back of Razor, and then heads straight to the back. Kid and the ref slowly both get back into the ring, Kid covers Razor for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: Good fast paced match to open Raw. **3/4

We head to the back for ‘The Report Card’ with Dean Douglas. Douglas gives 1-2-3 Kid a D for Dumb. Douglas gives Razor and E for Elevate.Douglas says he gives himself an A, and he is giving Razor an N for this Sunday for No-Brainer, that Razor is going to lose.

Bob Holly/Savio Vega vs. Kama/Tatanka
Vega and Tatanka to start, tie up leads to a side headlock by Tatanka, Vega is able to push Tatanka off the ropes leapfrog and then hit a hiptoss followed by a series of dropkicks that brings Kama into the ring, Vega hits two dropkicks on him sending him to the outside. Tatanka tags out to Kama, and Holly is also tagged in. Kama with a kick to the midsection followed by an irish whip, Holly ducks under Kamas legs and hits a right hand, Holly is able to duck Kamas big boot attempt and hit some armdrags into an arm bar. Holly tags out to Vega, who takes over on Kama, Kama fights back and tags out to Tatanka. Tatanka with punches to Vega, followed by an irish whip, Tatanka ducks Vages side kick and slides out of the ring. Tatanka goes around to distract Holly, as Kama comes into the ring from behind Vega and kicks him in the head. Holly slides into the ring and punches away before the ref gets him out of the ring. Tatanka and Kama double team Vega in the corner. Irish whip leads to a double team gut buster. Tatanka with a bodyslam followed by a big elbow drop. Kama is holding Vega in the corner while Tatanka unloads with some punches. Kama comes into the ring and kicks away at Vegas midsection followed by an axe kick. More double teaming in the corner, leads to Tatanka re-entering the match. Vega fights back with some chops but Tatanka cuts him off with a punch. Tatanka with an irish whip, and both guys collide in the middle of the ring with a cross body. Tatanka is able to tag out to Kama and Vega tags out to Holly who slingshots into the ring with a leg kick. Holly off the ropes with a knee lift, Holly goes up to and comes off with a dropkick for 2 that is broken up by Tatanka. Holly has Kama in the corner for some punches. Vega and Tatanka are fighting on the outside, Holly comes off the top for a cross body but Kama sort of catches him/reverses it into a 3 count.

Match Thoughts: Not good at all, and the finish was botched as well. 3/4*

We got to the back for an interview with Razor. Razor is happy for Douglas to take him to class as the classroom will be in Razors house.

Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Brian Walsh
Jean tries to lock up with Walsh but he ducks under twice, Jean catches him with a hand to the throat and throws Walsh into the corner and follows in with some chops. Jean whips Walsh to the opposite corner and tries a splash but Walsh moves out of the way. Walsh grabs a headlock, Jean pushes him off the ropes and Walsh connects with a dropkick, Walsh goes for a second by Jean moves out of the way and takes over with stomps as Bret Hart is now on the phone. Bret says that he didn’t know pirates existed anymore. Jean brings Walsh outside and slams him sheets first across the ring apron followed by some punches. Back inside Walsh connects with a kick to the chest of Jean, Walsh comes off the top but Jean catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Jean chokes Walsh across the middle rope. Jean picks Walsh up and hits a back breaker and signals for the end. Jean climbs up top and hits a Swanton for the win.

Match Thoughts: Good squash match, Jean gave Walsh some good offense too. **

Yokozuna/Owen Hart vs. Men on a Mission
We see clips of Mabel being crowned King of the Ring, still cant believe that happened. We also see clips of Owen and Yokozuna winning the titles at Wrestlemania XI

Owen to start with Mo. Shoving match to start and Owen slaps Mo, punches and kicks in the middle of the ring. Mo takes advantage with some clubbing blows to the back, he whips Owen to the ropes and shoulderblocks him to the mat. Mo slams Owen into the turnbuckle, he whips Owen to the other corner but gets met with a boot to the face. Owen follows up with a clothesline and then he whips Mo into the turnbuckle, Owen goes for a cross body but Mo is able to hit a powerslam. Mo tags out to Mabel. Mabel kicks away at Owen in the corner, he whips Owen into the corner, Mabel charges in for a splash but Owen moves out of the way, Owen goes for the 10 punches in the corner but Mabel pushes him off. Mabel with an elbow to Owens head and Mo gets tagged in. Mo clubbers away on Owen, he whips Owen off the ropes who ducks under his legs and as he runs the ropes Mabel kicks him in the back. Mo continues to punch away at Owen and hits an elbow to the back. Mo whips Owen into the croner and Mabel chokes away at Owen. Mo goes for a whip Owen reverses it, Mo goes for a sunset flip and Owen drops straight down for a 2 count, Mo reverses the pinfall into one of his own for 2. Owen is able to throw Mo out over the top rope and tags in Yoko. Yoko comes in and calls out Mabel who enters the ring too, Owen slams Mo into the ring steps on the outside. Mo back into the ring gets hit with a right hand by Yoko. Yoko chops away at Mo in the corner followed by punches, Owen and Yoko start to choke away on Mo. Yoko with a headbutt that sends Mo to the mat as we head to commercial.

Back from break Owen and Mo both go for a spinning wheel kick and miss, both guys are down on the mat. Yoko and Mabel both get tagged in, both guys just start punching away at each other. Mabel off the ropes with a clothesline that takes Yoko down, Owen comes in and gets slammed onto Yoko by Mabel. Mable and Mo hit a double clothesline on Yoko. Mo whips Yoko but he is able to reverse it and send Mo to the ropes, Owen kicks Mo and Yoko hits a clothesline. Owen is tagged in and he heads up top and hits a nice dropkick for a 2 count. Owen hits a neckbreaker on Mo and he heads back up top, Mo crotches him on the top, Mo is up now and hits a superplex for a 2 count broken up by Yoko. Owen hits drop toe hold on Mo and Yoko followed with a leg drop to the back of Mos head for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: There is only so much that Owen Hart can do to make a match watchable. *, which is all for Owens work and selling

We get a pre-taped interview from the Dudes with Attitude. Shawn wants to know if Owens nose is getting bigger after all the lies that he and Cornette have been spreading. Shawn guarantees that he and Diesel will win the tag team titles. Diesel confirms what Shawn just said.

We come back from commercial with Vince in the ring with Yoko, Owen, Mr Fuji and Jim Cornette. Jim says this Sunday is history in the making for the Triple Header main event, Jim says that Owen and Yoko will win but Vince questions whether can happen against Shawn and Diesel. Cornette notes that Yoko has been a 2 time champion and that Owen is a former King of the Ring winner. Jim wants to know what happened last time they team up, it resulted in them fighting and breaking up. Shawn wants to know if he will save Diesel or his title on PPV.

Next week on Raw will see The Undertaker against British Bulldog.


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