WWF Monday Night Raw 25/09/1995

WWF Monday Night RAW 25/09/1995

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. Vince introduces Marty Jannetty who is making his return to the WWF.

Skip vs. Marty Jannetty
Lock up to start, Marty sends Skip off the ropes and he ducks down, then leapfrogs over Skip and connects with a hiptoss, an armdrag and then a drop kick that sends Skip to the outside. Skip gets a hug from Sunny on the outside. Skip gets back into the ring, lock up and Skip gets an eye rake, he sends Marty out of the corner into the opposite side with a whip but Marty jumps over Skip, and grabs a headlock. Skip sends Marty off the ropes, Skip ducks down then leapfrogs MArty who connects with a back body drop sending Skip to the outside for another hug with Sunny. Marty taps Sunny on the shoulder and gets a hug from her, Sunny turns to slap Marty but he ducks and she slaps Skip. Back in the ring for a lock up, Marty with an arm wring and he takes him down, Marty gets a hammerlock onto Skip on the mat. Marty runs off the ropes and gets tripped by Sunny, Skip hits a nice gutwrench suplex. Skip hits a suplex on Marty as we see Dean Douglas taking notes in the aisle. Skip hits a bodyslam followed by a leg drop as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Skip is still in control, Skip irish whips Marty and takes him down with a BIG clothesline. Snap mare by Skip and a leg drop gets a 2 count. Skip punches away at Marty in the corner, Skip goes to irish whip Marty into the corner but Marty reverses it, Skip tries to go up and over but Marty catches him, Skip slips out and tries a german, Marty reverses that and hits his own german suplex for a 2 count. Skip irish whips Marty, Skip tries a leap frog but Marty catches him into a powerbomb. Marty with a couple of punches and he comes off the ropes with big right hand to knock him down. Marty whips Skip and hits a jumping back elbow, Marty connects with a punch to the midsection and a knee lift for 2. Marty off the ropes with a cross body but doesn’t go for the pin instead turns his attention to Sunny. Skip charges at Marty but gets backdropped to the outside. Skip gets onto the apron, Marty tries for a suplex but Skip counters that into a body press for 2. Skip whips Marty off the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop, Marty grabs an arm wringer and hits the Rocker Dropper, Marty climbs to the top rope and hits a fist drop for 3.

Match Thoughts: Good fast paced opener between these two. I have never been a big fan of the Rocker Dropper as a finisher. **

We get footage from last night where Gorilla sanctions British Bulldog to be the partner of Yokozuna during the main event. We see Gorilla Monsoon with Jim Cornette and his lawyer Clarence Mason. Clarence gets Gorilla to admit that he did make British Bulldog the WWF Tag Team Champion for the night. Due to the threat of legal action the WWF has declared Yokozuna and Owen Hart are still the champions. Vince lets us know that the non-title match tonight is now for the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Yokozuna/Owen Hart vs. The Smoking Gunns
Before the match even starts we head straight to commercial.

Back from the break we see Bark ducking down and Owen running off the ropes, he ducks a clothesline and cross body block but Bart hits a drop toe hold and grabs an arm wringer. Bart tags out to Billy who grabs an arm wringer of his own, Billy turns it into a hammerlock but Owen hits a back elbow to break the hold. Owen with punches in the corner, he goes to whip Billy into the corner but gets reversed. Billy connects with a right hand, irish whip by Owen and he gets a drop toe hold then he tags out to Yoko. Tie up and Billy grabs a headlock, Yoko pushes Billy off the ropes and shoulder blocks him down. We see Shawn Michaels and Diesel watching the match on a monitor backstage. Yoko hits a chop and whips Billy, Billy slides through under Yokos legs and kicks away at him. Billy with a dropkick, he then runs off the ropes and takes Yoko down with a bulldog. Irish whip by Yoko, Billy ducks a clothesline and goes for a crucifix but Yoko reverses it into a samoan drop which sends Billy to the outside. Owen takes advantage and stomps away on Billy, he throws Billy back into the ring. Yoko puts his foot across the throat of Billy. Yoko tags in Owen and they hit a double headbutt which sends Billy down. Owen gets a headlock on Billy, Billy fights back with elbows to the midsection, Billy off the ropes and gets a 2 count off a sunset flip. Owen straight back up, he connects with an enziguri and a leg drop for a 2 count as we head to break.

Back from commercial and Owen has a headlock on Billy. Billy with elbows to the midsection, Owen off the ropes and he hits a swinging neckbreaker, Owen comes off the top with a cross body block but Billy rolls through and gets a 2 count. Owen grabs Billy by the leg and drags him over to his corner and he tags in Yoko. Yoko pushes Billy into the corner and works him over with punches and kicks in the corner. Yoko takes Billy over with a snap mare and puts on the nerve hold. Billy slowly gets to his feet and connects with elbows to the midsection to break the hold. Billy runs off the ropes and gets taken down by an elbow from Yoko. Yoko comes out of the corner for an elbow drop but Billy is able to roll out of the way. Billy tries for a leg drop but Yoko rolls out of the way, Yoko goes for a splash and this time Billy moves out of the way. Yoko tags out to Owen who runs over and grabs Billy by the pants to try and prevent the tag, but Bill is able to get the hot tag to Bart. Bart comes in and takes over on Owen with a knee to the midsection, he whips Owen to the ropes and gets a big back body drop. Bart whips Owen to the corner and hits him with a gorilla press slam for two as Yoko breaks up the pin. The Gunns whip Owen into Yoko who falls over in the corner and Bart holds Owen for a sidewalk slam as Billy comes off the top with a leg drop. Bart covers but rolls out of the way as Yoko splashes Owen, Bart covers Owen and gets the 3 count and The Smoking Gunns win the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Match Thoughts: Very good tag match. Owen was his usual awesome self and carried Yoko in the tag match. The Gunns are not the greatest but there really isn’t any other tag teams at the moment. **1/2

After the match Shawn Michaels and Diesel enter the ring and celebrate with the new champs.

Undertaker vs. British Bulldog
Again we head to commercial before the match gets underway.

We come back from the break with Bulldog on the outside and Undertaker staring him down from inside the ring. Undertaker goes to the outside and stalks Bulldog, back in the ring Bulldog catches Undertaker with some boots the back, irish whip by Bulldog who goes for a back body drop but Undertaker slams his head to the mat. Irish whip by Undertaker sends Bulldog to the corner, Undertaker chokes away at Bulldog. Bulldog takes over with some punches and whips Undertaker to the ropes, Undertaker hits his jumping clothesline to take the Bulldog down. Undertaker grabs an arm wringer and goes to the top rope, Bulldog is able to pull him down off the top rope. Bulldog attempts a whip but its reversed by Undertaker who hits a big boot. Bodyslam by Undertaker who goes for an elbow drop, Bulldog moves out of the way and clotheslines Undertaker to the floor who lands on his feet. Undertaker grabs Jim Cornette by the throat on the outside, and Bulldog takes out Undertakers knee with a chop block. Bulldog whips Undertaker knee first into the ring steps. We see Mabel and Mo watching on from the top of the aisle as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Bulldog is working over Undertakers leg. Bulldog tries to whip Undertaker to the corner but his knee gives out, Bulldog applies a single leg boston crab. Undertaker tries to fight bak with kicks and punches, but Bulldog whips him into the corner and goes for the powerslam, Undertaker slips out and hits a back body drop. Undertaker and Bulldog slug it out in the middle of the ring, Undertaker takes over and irish whips Bulldog to the corner, he grabs an arm wringer and walks the ropes and comes off the top. Irish whip by Undertaker, Bulldog counters into a piledriver for 2. Bulldog hits a suplex and gets another 2 count, Bulldog again hits a suplex for two. Bulldog whips Undertaker to the ropes, Undertaker ducks under a clothesline and hits a chokeslam. Mabel gets into the ring, Undertaker and Mabel are face to face. Bulldog hits a knee to the back of Undertaker which sends him into Mabel, Mabel hits a spinning Belly to Belly Suplex to draw the DQ.

Match Thoughts: Very good main event. that was hurt by a DQ ending. ***

After the match Bulldog picks Undertaker up and hits him with the powerslam. Mabel connects with a leg drop. Shawn Michaels and Diesel run out for the save. The Gunns also run out to make sure Mabel, Mo, Bulldog and Owen Hart don’t attack Undertaker.

Back from the break, and Undertaker shakes hands with everyone.

It is announced that next week on Raw it will be 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon.

Show Thoughts: Fantastic show this week. All 3 matches delivered and we got to see a title change hands on Raw as well. Thumbs Up


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