WCW Monday Nitro 09/10/95

WCW Monday Nitro 09/10/95:

We open Nitro with footage of Hogan getting his moustache shaved off last week at the hands of Kevin Sullivan and The Giant.

Eric Bischoff welcomes us to this weeks edition of Nitro, like always he is joined by Steve McMichael and Bobby Hennan. Sting comes out the announce desk and he wants the issue between Randy Savage and Lex Luger to be resolved. He lets us know later in the night he will have an answer to the issue.

Sting vs. Shark

Shark attacks Sting at the bell with clubbing blows. Shark hits a bodyslam followed by an elbow drop and a leg drop for a 2 count. Shark whips Sting to the corner but misses a splash, Sting hits two Stinger Splashes followed by a flying cross body block off the top rope for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: Nothing match, only used to get the crowd warmed up. 1/2*

We get a replay of what went down last week with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Sullivan and The Giant.

Sabu vs. Mr. J.L.
Mr. J.L is Jerry Lynn from ECW.

Sabu jumps Lynn before the bell. Sabu bodyslams Lynn to the mat and hits a somersault leg drop from the apron into the ring. Sabu sits Lynn up and comes off the middle rope with a flying leg lariat for 2. Sabu locks in a headlock on Lynn, Lynn gets up and reverses an irish whip and connects with a flying back elbow. Lynn whips Sabu off the ropes and kicks him to the outside, Lynn follows up a flying plancha to the outside. Lynn gets back into the ring, Sabu climbs to the apron and flips into the ring over Lynn and comes off the ropes with a spinning wheel kick that sends Lynn to the outside. Sabu nails Lynn with a summersault plancha, Sabu throws Lynn into the guardrail and sets up a chair. Sabu leaps off the chair and hits Air Sabu on Lynn who is against the guardrail. Lynn gets onto the apron, Sabu attempts to suplex him into the ring but Lynn is able to float over and hit a nice bridging german suplex for a 2 count. Lynn whips Sabu into the corner and follows up with a dropkick. Sabu whips Lynn to the corner and hits a clothesline off the ropes. Sabu turns Lynn over and hits a springboard moonsault across the back and locks in the Camel Clutch. Sabu gets crotched on the top rope and Lynn hits a rope assisted DDT for 2. Lynn climbs up to but gets caught with a punch by Sabu, Sabu tries for a hurricarana but Lynn holds on to the top rope, Lynn jumps off the top rope and gets caught in a powerbomb, Sabu locks in the camel clutch and gets the tap out victory.

Match Thoughts: Very good match between to future ECW legends. Good back and forth match with some great highspots. ***

After the match Sabu throws Lynn to the apron and hits a sunset flip powerbomb from the apron to the floor!

We head to the ring with Gene who is with Sting and Lex Luger. Gene wants to know what Stings solution is to the problem between Savage and Luger. Sting says that he needs the Macho Man to be out here first. Out comes Randy Savage to join Sting and Luger in the ring. Sting says that they need to listen to him as The Giant is winning everything at the moment. Savage wants to know why The Giant hasn’t gotten his hands on Sting yet. Sting says that Savage is paranoid, he says that all three of them want to be the Heavyweight Champion. Sting tells Savage to shut up and just listen. Sting says at Halloween Havoc Luger is facing Meng and Savage is facing Kamala. Sting says that if Luger and Savage win their respective matches they should go at it. Savage says he likes it, Luger says he wants a rematch with Savage but not at Halloween Havoc as he has a big match with Meng and tells Sting to stop putting words in his mouth. Sting says that he is tired of babysitting Luger and wants an answer if Luger is up to the match or not. Luger says that he will accept the match.

We get a shot of a limo arriving to the arena and we see Chris Benoit get out!!!!! Oh yeah, thats who i’ve been waiting for. Awesome.

Back inside the arena we see Disco Machine dancing in the aisle way. Suddenly Big Bubba Rogers music starts playing, Disco pulls out a boom box playing his music and he continues to dance. Hawk comes out and scares Disco. Disco grabs someones hat and puts it on one of the spikes on Hawks gear.

Hawk vs. Big Bubba Rogers

Bubba attacks before the bell while Hawk was looking at Disco. Bubba hits a big splash in the corner and follows up with punches. Bubba continues to punch away at Hawk, Hawk whips Bubba to the corner but he slides out of the ring. Bubba comes straight back in and misses a clothesline but connects with a big boot. Bubba runs right into a powerslam from Hawk. Disco is now dancing on the apron, Hawk grabs at Disco ripping his shirt off. Hawk goes after Disco in the aisle way slamming him against the guardrail. Hawk realises to late and gets counted out giving Big Bubba Rogers the win.

Match Thoughts: Not very good at all. I don’t really enjoy Hawk or Animal in singles matches. Very lame ending as well. 1/4*

Mean Gene is in the ring again and introduces Hulk Hogan to some very loud boos. Hogan comes out in all black gear as opposed to his usual Yellow and Red. Hulk says that he is in all black as the games are over and he now knows the rules. Hulk says that he beat up Andre and he will also beat up his son (The Giant, a very lame angle WCW used). Hulk says that The Giant wants to knock down all of the little Hulkamaniacs, Hulk says that he wants The Giant right now. We get live footage outside the arena and we see The Giant, The Zodiac and Kevin Sullivan in a monster truck! Hogan says if The Giant cant get into the arena then he will go to The Giant. Hogan leaves the ring.

Eric Bischoff hypes Halloween Havoc and the Monster Truck match followed by the WCW World Heavyweight Title Match.

Steve McMichael, Bobby Hennan and Eric Bischoff continue to hype Halloween Havoc. Two police officers whisper something into Bischoffs ear, Eric lets us know that the police are keeping Hogan and The Giant separated.

Ric Flair vs. Arn Anderson (Cage Match)

Lock up to start and Arn catches Flair with a knee. Flair comes back with chops and punches that knock Arn down to the mat. Arn reverses a whip to the corner and catches Flair with a back body drop. Arn sends Flair head first into the cage, he kicks and chokes away at Flair. Arn throws Flair into the cage again as we head to a commercial. Oh come on.

Back from break and we see Flair in control with chops, Arn is able to reverse a whip and catch Flair in a spinebuster for a 1 count!!. Arn rakes Flair across the top rope, Flair with a big chop that knocks Arn down. Flair throws Arn into the cage twice and then rakes his face across the cage. Flair punches away at Arn who is stuck between the ropes and the cage. Flair goes to throw Arn into the cage but Arn is able to reverse and throw Flair to the cage. Arn now rakes Flairs head against the cage, Flair knocks Arn down with a right hand. Flair hits a nice delayed suplex on Arn. Brian Pillman comes out from the back and climbs to the top of the cage, Flair catches him there and punches him off the cage. Flair hits an axe handle on Arn followed by a shin breaker. Flair goes to lock on the figure four but Arn punches him in the face and covers for the 1-2-3. We see a replay of the finish which shows Arn had some brass knuckles on when he punched Flair.

Match Thoughts: Criminally short match for these two, especially give it was a cage match. Nevertheless, it was still excellent. I don’t think these two can have a bad match together. ***

Flair goes to the announce booth and takes Bischoffs headset. Flair says that he wants to fight both Arn and Pillman next week, he says that he will try and find a partner.

Show Thoughts: A very up and down show this week. Two very good matches and two very bad matches. Its good to see the Flair vs. Arn and Pillman storyline continues on and even better to see Chris Benoit debut. The Hulk Hogan vs. The Giant feud just keeps dragging on. Thumbs in the middle.


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