WCW Monday Nitro 16/10/95

WCW Monday Nitro 16/10/95

We open with Eric Bischoff, Bobby Hennan and Mongo. They hype the upcoming main event tag team match between Ric Flair and Sting vs Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.

We get footage from WCW Pro of Ric Flair asking Sting to be his partner, he dares Sting to say no. Sting says that he will be his partner but if he swerves him at all he will leave Flair for dead.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Johnny B. Badd

Before the bell rings DDP hits Johnny in the back of the head with the WCW TV Title and the ref DQs him. DDP covers Johnny and counts the 1-2-3 himself. DDP shoots off the Badd Blaster.

Match Thoughts: No match, but a great way to further the angle heading into Halloween Havoc.

Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Tie up to start, both guys break straight away. Another tie up and Benoit hits a quick arm drag. Eddie grabs a side headlock, Benoit pushes him off the ropes Eddy shoulderblocks him down. Eddy takes Benoit down with a reverse wristlock and gets some quick 2 counts. Benoit flips up from the mat and takes Eddy over with a headscissors, Eddy off the ropes connects with his own headscissors takedown that sends Benoit to the outside. Eddy climbs to the top rope and comes off with a cross body block to Benoit on the outside. Eddy meets Benoit on the apron, he attempts to suplex Benoit in but he floats over into a go behind, Eddy reverses into his own go behind, he grabs a side headlock and Benoit ends up back dropping Eddy over the top rope to the floor and both guys crash to the floor. Eddy attempts to forearm Benoit against the ringpost, Benoit is able to duck and Eddy slams his arm into the ring post. Back in the ring and Benoit takes control with a back body drop. Benoit whips Eddy chest first into the corner and dropkicks him in the back. Benoit hits a nice hammerlock northern lights suplex, Benoit hits Eddy with a snap suplex. Benoit picks Eddy up and whips him off the ropes, he catches Eddy with a back elbow. Eddy off the ropes, Benoit attempts a tilt a whirl backbreaker but Eddy reverses mid move with an arm drag, Eddy springs off the middle rope and takes Benoit down with a spinning DDT for a 2 count. Benoit reverses an Eddy whip attempt into a short arm clothesline. Benoit goes for a blackbody drop but Eddy lands on Benoit for a 1 count. Benoit stomps away at Eddy, he picks him up and starts chopping away. Benoit bodyslams Eddy and continues to stomp away at Eddy. Benoit with an arm drag takeover straight into a top wristlock. Eddy springs off the top rope with a nice headscissors takedown for a 2 count. Eddy picks Benoit up for back body drop on his neck followed by a brainbuster. Eddy comes off the top with his frogsplash but Benoit gets his knees up, Benoit hits a BIG powerbomb for only TWO! Benoit picks Eddy up for another powerbomb but Eddy rolls through, Eddy punches him with his bad arm, Benoit is able to hit a Dragon Suplex for the 3 count.

Match Thoughts: That was fantastic. Easily the best match to occur on Nitro so far. Just great back and forth wrestling from both guys. ****

We head to the ring with Mean Gene who hypes the WCW Hotline. Gene then welcomes Kevin Sullivan and The Giant to the ring. Gene hypes up the monster truck match followed by the WCW World Heavyweight Title Match. Kevin Sullivan says he has been telling everyone for months that he is evil and that Hulk Hogan created him. Sullivan says that he knew since the day he was born that he was the personification of evil. Sullivan brings up the shaving of Hogans moustache and that Hogan has now gone to all black clothing. The Giant says he is going to push Hogan all around the roof of Cobo Hall for the monster truck match, he also says he will push him off the roof.

We see Disco dancing in the aisle way as Mengs music starts playing. Disco runs off to the back instead of complaining.

Meng vs. Jim Duggan

Meng jumps Duggan from behind while he is celebrating on the top rope, Meng kicks away in the corner. Both guys trade blows and Duggan gets an advantage, Meng rakes the eyes to take over. More clubbering from both guys. Meng knocks Duggan down and then chokes him across the middle rope. Meng whips Duggan to the corner but he moves out of the way. Duggan reverses a whip to the corner, Meng comes off the middle rope with a cross body but Duggan ducks down. Duggan with a serious of right hands followed by a clothesline that takes Meng down. Duggan sends Meng off the ropes and catches him with a bodyslam, but Meng gets up straight away. Meng superkicks Duggan and puts on the asiatic spike on Duggan for the submission victory.

Match Thoughts: Nothing but punching and kicking. 1/2*

We go to the back for an interview with Hulk Hogan, who is still dressed in all black. Hogan says that he made every shake in fear last week on Nitro, he says that the evil in Hulk Hogan is real. Hogan says The Giant has yet to look him in the eyes and come face to face with the power of Hulk Hogan. Jimmy Hart says that he is worried after what Hogan says he will do to Kevin Sullivan and The Giant at Halloween Havoc.

Ric Flair/Sting vs. Brian Pillman/Arn Anderson

Flair and Pillman to start and there is no sign of Sting yet. Flair takes Pillman to the corner and hits a BIG chop. Pillman with an eye rake and he whips Flair into the corner. Flair pushes Pillman to the corner and chops away at Pillman and Arn. Flair chops both Pillman and Arn to the floor. Back in the ring Pillman kicks away at Flair and tosses him to the outside. Arn goes to attack Flair but he chops him down, Flair catches Pillman on the apron and throws him throat first across the guardrail. Pillman tags out to Arn, tie up and Flair backs Arn to the corner. HE works him over with chops, Flair whips Arn off the ropes but gets caught with an elbow to the back of the head. Arn goes for his knee drop to the head but Flair catches the knee and locks on the figure four, that was beautiful! Pillman comes off the top rope with a splash but Flair moves out of the way and he locks on the figure four on Pillman. Arn rakes Flair across the eyes and forces him to the corner. Arn whips Flair to the corner who flips out to the apron and catches Pillman with a chop that sends him to the floor. Flair climbs up top and hits an axe handle to Arn. Arn reverses an irish whip and Pillman kicks Flair in the back of the head. STING comes running down the aisle and gets onto the apron. Pillman takes over on Flair with chops in the corner. Flair gets whipped to the corner and then back body dropped. Pillman tags out to Arn who stomps away at Flair in the corner. Pillman gets tagged in and goes toe-to-toe with Flair on chops. Pillman back body drops Flair out of the corner. Pillman whips Flair and misses a dropkick. The crowd is going CRAZY. Flair gets the HOT TAG to Sting who comes in and takes down both Arn and Pillman with right hands. Sting irish whips Pillman and slams him down. Sting gets Arn and Pillman into opposite corners and hits two Stinger splashes on both guys followed by right hands to knock them down. Stings tries for a double noggin knocker but Arn and Pillman knee Sting in the mid section. Sting gets whipped into the corner, he comes straight out with a clothesline sending both guys down to the mat. Sting with an atomic drop on Arn followed by a clothesline that sends Arn over the top and to the floor. Sting catches Pillman on the top rope and throws him crotch first across the top rope. Pillman and Arn get counted out giving the victory to Sting and Flair who both celebrate in the ring.

Match Thoughts: Great tag match. The crowd went absolutely crazy for Sting when he joined in the match. ***

Mean Gene is in the ring with Sting and Ric Flair. Gene asks Sting if there is an reluctance on his end, Sting says that he was in the back watching on the monitor. He said that Flair has a lot of guts taking on Arn and Pillman, Sting says that Flair has lots of heart. Sting says that he accepts Flairs offer and will team with him at Halloween Havoc against Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman.

Next week on Nitro: Lex Luger and Sting vs. Harlem Heat, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs. Alex Wright and Eddy Guerrero.

Show Thoughts: A good episode of Nitro with two very good matches. I’m really enjoying the Flair/Sting against Pillman/Anderson storyline. The Giant and Hogan feud is very boring and ill be happy once that ends. Thumbs up.


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